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Yoga for Hips and Hamstrings | Yoga with Vicky

This Yoga for Hips, Hamstrings, IT bands, Hips flexors and back is a 15 minute sequence, great at relieving tightness. These Yin ...

The Joy of Movement

Vicky Rodewyk performs yoga and dance at North Whale Beach rocks.

Yoga for sleep

Yoga for sleep-Calming, gentle, relaxing practice to help anyone unwind before bed. 14 minutes of Yin inspired postures will help ...

Muffin Top Workout | Pilates with Vicky

Lose your "muffin top" and get a flat belly with this complete Pilates routine designed to reduce fat around your lower belly and ...

Slim Toned arms workout | Pilates with Vicky

This 5 minute arm slimming and toning workout requires no equipment and is so fun that you won't feel like you are working out.

Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief | Yoga with Vicky

This simple Yoga sequence is great for neck and shoulder relief and can help to reduce headaches and tight shoulders.

Rebel Sports : Winter 2012

See if you can spot Vicky Rodewyk.

Bums and tums workout | Pilates to Tone and Tighten

Tone your bum, tummy and thighs with this 10 minute Pilates workout. These quick-fix exercises will get you feeling confident and ...

Detox Yoga | Flow for Detox and Letting Go

This Detox Yoga workout sequence is designed to help you twist out toxins and tone while you let go and unwind. A beginner ...

Love Handles Workout | Pilates with Vicky

This intense, quick Obliques routine will shred your love handles and work your side waist and core. Say "Love you later handles" ...

Butt lift and slim thighs | 10 minute Pilates routine

This 10 minute routine will have your butt lifted and looking perky while slimming and toning your inner and outer thighs.

Revelations - The Initial Journey

Revelations - The Initial Journey (Episode: Friendly Islands) || Tom Hern as "Jess" & Vicky Rodewyk as "Vaani" || Music: ...

Richie & Vicky

Richie & Vicky 2015.


Rodewyk · Shotgun Mike The Takers ℗ 900374 Records DK Released on: 2018-06-27 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Yoga for lower back pain | Yoga with Vicky

Gentle Yoga for lower back pain relief. Suitable for beginners and anyone who experiences low back pain. Short and effective ...

The Green Dress - Episode from William Shatner's A Twist In The Tale

A new girl at a performing arts school acquires an old-fashioned dress whose previous owner, a rising star killed before her time, ...

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