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Jade & Nikita Ramsey at LEXINGTON SOCIAL HOUSE Grand Opening

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Twinny Somethings Ep. 1: Little Blue Dress - ChickComedy

Jean graciously loans Haley the sexy little blue dress she lost her virginity in for a big date with heartthrob, Rob! Click here to ...

Nikita Ramsey - Career

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Happy Birthday Jade and Nikita Ramsey! :-)

Dear Jade and Nikita! I made this birthday video for you. I hope, you like It :)

Anthony Fitzgerald and Nikita Ramsey in 3D at Night of 100 Stars

In anaglyph 3D, Anthony Fitzgerald "Laid to Rest" and Nikita Ramsey "Silver Falls" feature films with Joell Posey for MBN and ...

Jade and Nakita Ramsey Interview: Barbie 'So In Style' Pastry Shoe Launch

CelebSecrets4U chats with Jade and Nikita Ramsey at the Barbie "So In Style" Pastry Shoe Launch in Beverly Hills, CA.

Nikita Ramsey - Shattered

READ!- I really wanted to make a new, but since my wmv sometimes spins, I've uploaded the other from my channel.

Jade and Nikita Ramsey

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Twinny Somethings Ep. 3: Work It - ChickComedy

Jean is excited to get a job selling lingerie at Victoria's Secret, while Haley gets a not-so-glamorous job at Target. Click here to ...

Jade Ramsey And Nikita Ramsey

las Hermanas Ramsey en una entrevista ! comenteeen :)

Twinny Somethings Ep.4: Going Vegan - ChickComedy

Jean and Haley start a new Vegan diet to support animal rights, but Jean is having trouble saying goodbye to meat! Click here to ...

Nickelodeon Screen Test | Jade Ramsey

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