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FULL INTERVIEW: Lorraine Toussaint on Her Childhood, Psychic Dreams, & More!

Real fam, have you ever had a dream that then ended up happening?

Lorraine Toussaint Wins Best Supporting Actress: Drama Series - 2015 Critics' Choice TV Awards | A&E

Lorraine Toussaint accepts the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for "Orange Is the New Black," presented by ...

Lorraine Toussaint On The New NBC Series, "The Village"

Welcome to the Village, an apartment building in Brooklyn that appears like any other from the outside but is quite unique inside.

Lorraine Toussaint On The Evolution In Her Career And The Power Of "No"

Lorraine Toussaint discusses her consistent roles and what it means to evolve and change in the ever changing film industry.

Orange Is The New Black: Lorraine Toussaint "Vee" Season 2 On Set TV Interview

For more movie news, stories and videos visit: http://www.screenslam.com.

Lorraine Toussaint: Some women left out of feminist movement

Actress Lorraine Toussaint says some women have been left out of the feminist movement. "It's about all of us," the "Rosewood" ...

Lorraine Toussaint Has "Two Husbands"

Lorraine Toussaint talks about her husband and why the internet says she's married to someone else.

Lorraine Toussaint on 'The Village,' Helping Create Bo in 'Fast Color' & More | In Studio

Lorraine Toussaint joins The Hollywood Reporter in studio to talk about working on 'The Village,' 'Orange Is the New Black ...

Lorraine Toussaint: 'I've worked very hard to awaken'

"Rosewood" actress Lorraine Toussaint says she's trying to find the "lovely" in every day, and sharing her thoughts with the world ...

Lorraine Toussaint Imagines What Vee Will Do If She Returns to 'Orange Is the New Black'

OITNB's Lorraine Toussaint imagines will happen to her character. Improv Imagination is nominated for a Webby, cast your vote: ...

Lorraine Toussaint Hilariously Reveals She Has Two Husbands -- And She Can't Get Rid Of One | Access

Lorraine Toussaint has both a real and fake husband! The actress stopped by Access Live to hilariously dish about her internet ...

Lorraine Toussaint: Teach me a joke, Steve! || STEVE HARVEY

Steve Harvey welcomes actress Lorraine Toussaint for an interview about motherhood, comedy, and her new show "Rosewood.

Lorraine Toussaint Considers Herself a Colonized Creature | Talk Stoop

Lorraine Toussaint sits down with Nessa to talk about growing up in the Caribbean and starring in NBC's newest drama 'The ...

Emmy Contenders Chat: Lorraine Toussaint of OITNB

We are joined by veteran actress Lorraine Toussaint, who breathed life into Vee, the villanous manipulator in Netflix prison ...

Viola Davis Surprises 'Sister' Lorraine Toussaint With A Sweet Message On-Air! | Access

Viola Davis has nothing but love for her pal Lorraine Toussaint! While the Oscar-winning actress chatted with Access Live last ...

Lorraine Toussaint on 'Rosewood,' 'Orange Is the New Black'

Actress Lorraine Toussaint discusses her starring role in Fox's "Rosewood" as well as her new motherhood-themed blog on ...

Lorraine Toussaint stars in new FOX series 'Rosewood'

Morris Chestnut plays Miami's top pathologist in the new FOX series 'Rosewood.' Lorraine Toussaint plays his mother.

Lorraine Toussaint gets excited at her first ESSENCE Festival

Lorraine Toussaint talks with Dana Blair and feels the energy of her first ESSENCE Festival Subscribe to ESSENCE ...

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