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Two Deaf Women Show Us Bilingualism At Its Finest

Meet two Deaf women who grew up speaking and signing. Their parents say they wanted to give them everything so they could ...

Stranger Signs with Leah and Rachel Coleman

Need to binge-watch Stranger Things? The hosts of Signing Time can help! We've got more than 22 hours of child-friendly ...

Leah Coleman is running the Salt Lake City Half Marathon th

Created on March 26, 2010 using FlipShare.

Tribute from Leah to her Mom, Rachel Coleman Co-Creator of Signing Time

In 2008 Leah wrote an essay for her 5th grade class about her hero-her mom! We asked Aaron Coleman, Rachel's husband, ...

Leah Coleman

Putnam ONLY - Cyndi.

One Deaf Child: Presentation by Rachel Coleman

Listen to our favorite Baby Joy Joy music! https://open.spotify.com/artist/6GAZ9fxattwUYRuTRddv5N ...

Leah's Spelling Bee

10 year old Leah Coleman from Public Television's Signing Time Series wins her Elementary School Spelling Bee. Leah was ...

Gracie's Wish to Meet Rachel Coleman

Gracie's wish was a chance to spend time with her family, friends and members of her medical team with no medicine, hospitals, ...

ASL Deaf Karaoke Don't Stop Believin' by Journey (American Sign Language)

Signing Time! stars karaoke a song together, Rachel Coleman sings and LJ uses American Sign Language (ASL) to interpret.

Leah Coleman & Ripple Effect Kentucky Classique Horse Trials September 2013

footage provided by RNSVIDEOMEDIA .COM Horse Trials and Three Day Eventing in North America.

Oh, The Places We've Been - Signing Time - Rachel Coleman

Rachel Coleman wrote, "Oh, The Places We've Been" as a tribute to all of the Signing Time families around the world. Thank you ...

Louder Than Words

Available for sale at http://louderthanwordsfilm.com/shop "If your child was born deaf, would you want them to be able to hear?

ASL Rewrite The Stars from the Greatest Showman with LJ Coleman

Deaf magician Tessa Sandler and performer LJ Coleman translate a song from The Greatest Showman at an annual American Sign ...

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