Gigi Edgley – video

Royals - by Gigi Edgley & Jake Edgley (Lorde Cover) Acoustic

Got to have a chilled out jam with my Rockstar Brother Jake on the beautiful Big Island, Hawaii :)

Sci-Fi Short Film: "Hashtag" | DUST Exclusive

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Farscape Gigi Edgley Interview Part 1

Interview with Gigi Edgley about her life and how she became Chiana (the little grey alien) in Farscape.

The Birth of Pip - Original Makeup Test for Farscape's Chiana

This is the original makeup test done on Gigi Edgley for the character of Chiana. I'm really glad they didn't go with the pointy teeth!

Gigi Edgley & Space Trucker Bruce

A has-been rock star host horror films in his haunted mansion. Guest: Farscape actor Gigi Edgley. Movie: 2014's Space Trucker ...

Jake & Gigi Edgley - Hit The Road (Mashup)

Here's us jammin' in the backyard mixing up a few of our favourite tunes. This video is in build up to the launch of my first EP 'Feel ...

Star Trek: Beyond The Stars With Gigi Edgley :)

Star Trek: Beyond The Stars :) I am so over the moon to be involved in this magnificent production. Vernon Wells, Garrett Wang, ...

Tiny Brains - Farscape Favorite Chiana Scenes

Chiana possessed by The Rider. Love Jool here too, and how nothing ever goes according to John's plan. Ever. A Pip's Palace ...

Gigi Edgley Interview - PK wars

Gigi Edgley - Chiana - Farscape the Peacekeeper wars.

Nobody Knows by Gigi Edgley :)

'Hasn't anything ever shaken you to the core of your being?' Nobody Knows will take you deep into the uncharted territories of the ...


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Gigi Edgley Sings

Gigi Edgley performs in the cabaret at the Official Farscape Convention in Burbank. Part 1 of 1.

FARSCAPE Bloopers - part 2

Farscape was one of my favourite sci-fi shows, the best ever. I really like seeing them go crazy, it seems they had lot of fun :) You ...

Farscape: Beyond the Wormhole

Connecticon 2017-Q&A panel with Farscape's Gigi Edgley (Chiana) and Virginia Hey (Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan)

Gigi Edgley Plays the Farscape Video Game - ECCC 2016

The actress gives the 2002 video game adaptation a whirl as she plays as herself.

Interview with Gigi Edgley of Farscape at the BCTC

We talked to Gigi Edgley of Farscape at the Bangor Comic and Toy Con about her new projects and experiences!

Gigi Edgley O Comic Con 2019 Panel

This video is a panel of actress Gigi Edgley at O Comic Con 2019. She is best known for her part on Farscape as Chiana.

Dragoncon 2013 Farscape Panel featuring Anthony Simcoe, Gigi Edgley & Paul Goddard

Panel featuring the cast from Farscape @ Dragoncon 2013. The panel includes cast members of Anthony Simcoe, Gigi Edgley ...

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